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Mod ideas for UT 2004 – TheHunt


Ok. The Hunt is simple. There are two teams, the Hunters and the Hunted. However, there is only one Hunted, the rest of the players are the Hunters. The Hunters try to hunt down and kill the Hunted. The Hunted has the same stats as the Hunters, except he has 1.1 times their run speed, has 2 times the jump height, has a translocator, and becomes invisible (total invisibility, not like the adrenaline combo.) if he doesn't run, strafe or jump, or fire for a few seconds. The invisibility wears off if the Hunted performs one of those actions. The Hunted's weapons are silent when fired, however, they still play impact sounds. The game is broken up into rounds, until either the time limit or the point limit is reached. The round ends when the Hunted are dead or when all of the Hunters are dead. The Hunted is chosen randomly, and the Hunters are NOT informed as to who they are hunting. The levels would be designed with lots of hiding places, with rafters to hide on, pillars and crates to hide behind, airvents to crawl through, shortcuts that only the Hunted or the Hunters can use (to prevent people from abusing this, the doors on both ends of the shortcut would stay open until everyone inside leaves.). The levels would have darker areas to hide in. There should be some rooms that have traps like a giant fan that sucks people in that you can activate with the push of a button, but there should be an advantage in there, like a powerup or it's a shortcut (like UT's the pressure room in DM-Pressure). There would be no team-chat channel, so the Hunted can see all conversations of the Hunters, however, the chat can only received if you're within a certain distance of the sender. You can't listen to chat across the level. Also, the Hunted has a timer that starts at 4 minutes, and when it reaches zero, he dies. The timer resets whenever the Hunted does damage to someone. Vehicles are allowed, however, not recommended.

There should be some new weapons:

Turret - Basically a portable link turret you can place. Smaller and less health than the full size one. dormant until activated with secondary fire.

ammo per pickup: 1

max ammo: 3

Claymore - remote detonated explosive. black, so it's a little hard to see in a dark area.

ammo per pickup: 1

max ammo: 5

Warlord spawner - remote activated machine that spawns a Warlord in its position.

ammo per pickup: 1

max ammo: 2

Repulsor mines - remote activated mine that does tons of knockback, little damage. useful to push people into traps or to slow people down when fleeing.

ammo per pickup: 3

max ammo: 6

Flame claymore - remote detonated explosive. creates a large fire that does damage over time, takes something around 15 seconds to extinguish.

ammo per pickup: 1

max ammo: 5

Hologram - No ammo. Can record and playback a fake version of your actions of up to 10 seconds. Toggle recording with primary fire, playback recorded actions with secondary fire (NOTE: this may be a bit hard to implement.). Good for a decoy.

The scoring works like this:

5 points for the Hunted killing a Hunter

However many kills (not points) the Hunted has gotten in that round points for a Hunter killing the Hunted, plus one.

1 point for a Hunter killing a turret or a warlord

For surviving the round you get as many points as the number of players.


T1: Discuss here.

Foxpaw: Are you sure this mod doesn't already exist? I recall making a suggestion at one point (which was not that different from this one) and someone remarked that it sounded like a "hunted variant."

MythOpus: Indeed it does exist. I've played it :|

T1: WHAT? Really? for once I thought I had an original idea. Ok, someone delete this, then. :(

MythOpus: Well, the actual mod isn't exactly like this... but I believe it is pretty similar.

MinisterFish: I made a gametype for UT that was called TeamHunt. I went as far as having some people test it, but didn't finish polishing because most people have already moved on to the newer games. It does work and you can find more info at http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?p=1454787 This is a little different than your idea though. I went through the thought of combining Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, and time based round objective like Assault for the game. There's a download at the link I posted and you can try it out.