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Mario UT - Head bouncing ahoy!


This simple mutator would take out the guns, and give you better jumping powers. The mutator would also shrink you to half the normal size. The only way to kill people (in normal mode) is to jump on their heads (ala classic mario), and some new pickups would be added, like the star, which would let you kill anyone by touching them, and the flower, which would let you shoot fireballs, and of course the mushroom, which makes you normal sized.

Interested Scripters[edit]

Dezro: For some reason, I'm working on this. Huh. I'm also adding the leaf from SMB 3, which gives you bunch of extra jumps, and the poison mushroom from the Japanese version of SMB 2, which, unlike the original, makes you even smaller for a while (more like the mini mushroom from Smash Brothers Melee and Mario Party 4, actually...)

PieOnCar:: Damn, I thought I was the first one to think this up–but I was going to keep guns. I was going to have a lower gravity for higher jumps, and have the better weapons come out of certain, normal brick blocks when you hit them, and of course there would be the classic question mark boxes. You could even implement a coin system where you get an extra life (in limited number of lives games, of course) at 100 coins. And there would be a bunch of warp pipes everywhere, and entering one would either pop you out a random warp pipe or maybe throw you into the "dungeon" sublevel. If it were a bombing run level, a sweet mod would be having a koopa trooper shell for the ball... And for the experienced coders out there, I have a few HUD mod ideas to go with this theme too: have a running total of the coins on top, a score that would increase with kills and coins collected, the timer, and "World 1-1" for the first version, 1-2 for the update, etc. That's not even half the ideas I had for this. Maybe we can work together, Dezro? AIM me at PieOnCar, or email at I'm pretty new to the whole mod scene, but I'm fair at modeling and Photoshop. I'd like to get some coding experience because I'm going to USC (socal, not south carolina) this fall to study computer science. Plus it's summer now, and I've got nothing better to do. ^_^


Wormbo: Something like this was reviewed at modsquad a while ago. It's score wasn't very high.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: This would be cool!!!

EntropicLqd: You'd probably have to tweak the physics a little (more air control) and use a third person perspective to make it work cleanly. It's a nice idea but I way prefer bubble bobble :). You might have to build some special maps as well that have more "open" areas. Still, a mario-esque bombing run might be quite fun - the guy with the ball isn't so defenceless all of a sudden.

G-LiTe:: This'd simply be extremely funny and rock! I demand someone finishes this! :D
Be sure to add the speed meter for the leaf powerup too, dezro! :D

G-LiTe:: Stomp Match at ModSquad
It got rated 5 overall and is currently 6.6 user rating. It doesn't have the powerups though or the scaling and it seems to be UT 1.
You should make an option for the scaling and maybe a slider for the amount everything is scaled.
If nobody's going to do this I _might_ try it myself. I haven't coded in a while and I tend to not finish stuff I start. :S

Eldhrin: Sounds like fun, I wish I had more time for things like this! But I have to do coursework by priority.

Wormbo: What about the Super Mario Mutator BU recently postet about?

Icedude: Huzzah! someone actually made it!

You can get a mod somewhat like this for UT2K3 at

xX)(Xx: Heh, i saw a UT 99 map on Nali City done in Mario style, was pretty funny, check out Nali City and you should find it :)