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Legacy:Mod Ideas/Power Domination

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Power Domination will combine Domination with Onslaught thusly:

  • Points are scored by holding the majority of power nodes for the duration of the countdown (maybe 20 seconds). Also, the countdown will only start when neighboring nodes are owned by opposing teams.
  • Linked power nodes can be claimed (or stolen) instantly by touching them, whether the opposing team owns them or not. Vehicles still take the normal time to spawn, which can be hastened with the link gun.
  • Shooting a power node has no effect. To take an enemy node you must get out of your vehicle and touch it.
  • Isolated power nodes instantly become neutral.

That should add some more variety to the Onslaught landscape. It does take the focus away from the bases, but you can still get creative with links setups.

Dark Ryder:This idea has some real merit! It sounds similar to → and can be made even more similar to → the scoring method used in Battlefield 1942. Have each team start with their "Power Core" at the same level, which slowly drains at a rate equal to the ratio of the Power Nodes they control. For example, if a team controls all the nodes, their "Core" doesn't drain at all and their opponents' drains at the maximum rate. If both teams control half the Nodes, both "Cores" drain at one-half the maximum rate. You could even change the stealing to occur after a certain amount of time within the "radius" of the Node. (I know a lot of people who weren't very interested in UT2003 when it came out because they felt the gametypes were inferior to that of BF1942; I disagree, but a gametype like this would go a long way towards bridging that gap.)