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Pool Table Game Type[edit]

This is based on billiards, known in the USA as "pool" and would be for UT 2003. The idea is to create karma sphere actors that would be pool balls. They would be on a pool table with pockets. It would be designed for two players (could be more I suppose). Somehow you would want it so that only the player whose turn it was could shoot. Each player would have an insta-gib shock rifle to shoot the balls with. I've done crude experiments with karma spheres and shooting them with the insta-gib rifle does work. The balls bounce off each other and walls very nicely, much like real pool balls.

You would probably want it so that when a pool ball fell into a pocket it was destroyed and a point was recorded for that player. Whether or not to try an implement the standard rules of pool or make up new ones is a matter for debate. I see no reason though why the exact rules of real life pool would need to be used. Even a simple implementation would probably be very enjoyable. Also, there might be some interesting opportunity for adding combat between the players into the game, based somehow on the pool game. Perhaps the winner of the game gets to frag the other player or something. There are all kinds of variations of the concept that could be done. Let your imagination run wild!

This has been a random idea brought to you by RageMachine.


Corran I'm planning on making a billiards game using the UnrealEngine2 Runtime. I haven't started yet as the source hasn't been released yet, but I'll be starting soon.

RDGDanClark: Seems to me that you could very easily modify Bombing Run for this kind of thing... put a bomb gate in each pocket, then give each ball the properties of the bombing run ball. The scoring system would have to be overhauled though. It would take a little time, but it sounds like fun.

Dragonmaw: The scoring system would be easy, since a player pawn isn't passing through the gate, you only need to change the line of code that states the score when a person shoots the ball in.