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Mod ideas for UT 2003 – Synthesizer


by Howard_Stern

The synthesizer gun will use standard ammo to create new attacks. Secondary switches between the attacks used, and primary fires. Players would start with this weapons so no standard weapons would have to be replaced, but it can also be picked up (whichever). Any one of these attacks can be mods by themselves, but my idea is to have it all in one weapon. The attacks are limited only by the programmer's imagination, but here's what I had in mind:

Link-2-All - Link and all other ammo - Like the link gun's secondary, but can link up to and double the power of any weapon. It would use 1 link ammo + 1 ammo of which ever weapon is being boosted. For example, If I'm boosting someone with a rocket launcher and they fire a rocket, 1 link and 1 rocket ammo will drain from my inventory. The exception would be the minigun, where every 5 shots would drain 1 link and 5 mini ammo. If you run out of ammo while boosting, you'll stay linked up, but "Not enough <whatever> ammo left" would appear on the screen.

Satellite Charge - 1 ION Painter and 20 Rocket ammo - The user would have to be in the VAPOR cannon's range. When fired, the user would be forced to hold still while the Satellite fires on them. No explosion or damage done, but they'll do double damage for 45 seconds and their health would recover to 199.

Panzer - Uses 1 Redeemer and 20 shock ammo - Think of a really large, long lasting and powerful shock beam - It would last for 10 seconds and kill instantly, but the user's speed would drop by 3/4 (due to the force of the beam). The beam would be 128 units wide (UnrealEd), and have an unlimited reach.

Land Mines - Uses 1 rocket and 1 grenade - Creates a landmine that explodes with a rocket's strength. The mine can stick to floors, walls, and ceilings, and will explode by walking over them, getting too close (maybe), or by being shot. Since grenades are uncommon, maps won't be littered with mines. The Translocator model can be used (looks kinda like a mine anyway.)

Demi - 1 Sniper and 5 Bio ammo - If you're ever played Final Fantasy you know that demi doesn't do a set amout of damage, but instead does a percentage of the target's health. This attack would be the basic lightning shot (with the slow firing rate) but when it hits it will cut your enemy's health in half. Getting hit by the smaller bolts would do 1/4 damage. Hitting someone with 199 health and 150 armor would do 174 damage (round down), but if they had 2 health you would only do 1 damage point (and if they had 1 health it would do squat). Great for attacking the heavily armored, but not so useful otherwise (since a sniper shot does 70, demi won't be practical unless the enemy has more than a 140 health/armor total). A nice tradeoff. A headshot with demi would do 3/4 damage.

Magnetism - 3 Sniper and 1 Rocket ammo - Would fire heat-seeking rockets without the need for a hard-to-acheive lock.

Miniflak - 3 Mini and 1 flak ammo - The minigun's primary attack, but would shoot flak shards instead. For every 3 minigun bullets shot a flak ammo would be wasted.

Gravity Shot - 5 Shock, 5 Lightning and 10 Link ammo (energy weapons) - Would shoot a slow traveling shock sphere that would do 100 damage if you touch it, but the gravity will be lower the closer you get to it (to a reasonable degree). It'll float for a short period of time before dissapearing. If you switch to your shock rifle and strike the sphere with the SR primary, you'll perform a gravity shock combo - the area around the combo would have dramatically increased gravity and would cause a great deal of damage if you're even a short distance off the ground.

Teleport - 5 Translocator and 15 Shock ammo - The shock rifle's primary but wherever it hits, you'll be teleported to. Great for getting to the other side of a map fast (you'll still drop the flag with this). If you hit someone you'll telefrag them, so it could act as an instagib. If you hit a teammate you'll hear the "Transloc fail" sound...now that I think of it this "idea" must have seeped into my mind from a mod I played a long time ago, the telefrag gun. Don't give me credit for this, it isn't totally my idea.

NULL - Link and all other ammo - You'll link up to an ENEMY. When he fires it'll drain ammo from both his and your own inventory but won't cause any damage to anyone. The ammo will drain in the same manner as Link-2-All except the link ammo would constantly drain. If you don't have the ammo the enemy you're linked up to is firing, you'll stay linked up but "Not enough <whatever> ammo left" will appear on the bottom of your screen.

If you try to use an attack but don't have enough of a certain ammo, you'll see "Not enough <whatever> ammo left" on the bottom of your screen. The new attacks would add something new to the game without being so strong they make standard weapons useless.

Interested Scripters[edit]

If you are interested in developing this mod for UT2003 then add your name to the list. Once you start development you should indicate that below (and hopefully include a link to a journal page). Before you start development you should also check this section to see if anyone else has started.


Got something to say? You got your space right here. Please feel free to tweak the attacks I have here. If you want to add your own go ahead! Just make sure it doesn't look like I came up with your idea; put "attack by - whoever" next to it.

GRAF1K: I had this same idea a while back. Sounds good to me, though sort of a novelty with out much practical use. Still, good-looking maps are pointless, but everyone likes those. :)