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I finally figured out this place... Anyways:

I kind of hesitated posting here, but did it anyways... I've been looking around for a fast paced futuristic racer mod for UT2k3/4 but didn't find any. So I thought, maybe I should see if there are people interested in making one... I didn't know where to look for coders, so I'll post around and ask a few contacts to see if they know any.

I can skin, uvw map and do your usual 2d stuff. I know basic modeling too, but not *that* much.

The point isn't that I take all the credit for it like everyone thinks when someone makes a thread like this. I want to see such a mod, and I don't care if I do it or someone else does it. But since there aren't any mods out there that are like that, I don't think one's gonna get made if I sit around on my ass and wait for it to be made, so might as well try and see if I can find some people interested in making it.

What I think would be good about this mod is that it won't be a machine hog, and people with average computers will be able to play it without any slowdown.

So, if there are any people interested in this, especially coders, or wannabe coders who are learning and willing to learn, PM or e-mail (synista@tatu.us) me, and if there are enough people interested, might as well start something of it. I've posted something similar on moddb, and there are people interested, but no coders so far.

I'm also in #tacticalops on gamesnet if anyone wants to talk about this.

For those that don't know what type of mod I'm talking about_:





Here are some replies I got from other people:


Please read the replies on that forum so we don't repeat ourselves here. :)

Foxpaw: I did go over to that forum thing, but instead of posting on there, I'll write what I think about it here:

The collision issue they raise is SOMEWHAT valid, but questionably so. First off I'll say, scaling down the world won't make a difference. The problem is the amount of distance stepped per tick relative to the size of the objects. IE, the problem in UnrealSpeed was moving from not colliding one tick to firmly planted the next tick. You're gonna have the same problem no matter the scale, you may be impaled by less UUs, but you're still gonna be impaled by just as much relative to the length of the vehicle. Plus, the Unreal Engine is not completely scale independant, things like sound and lighting still depend on scale. Also, speeding up the gamespeed won't fix anything - you still get the same number of ticks per real second, so if anything it would make the problem worse.

Also, the Unreal Engine is not a First Person Shooter engine. It's an all-around game engine.

Okay, now that I've said all that stuff... It's entirely possible to avoid the problems UnrealSpeed had. The fighter craft in my space combat mod can move at blistering rates and never have a problem with hitting things.

Karma does not automatically "fix" an object that becomes lodged in another object because it doesn't know whether that's what you wanted or not. It does provide an event, KImpact, that can be used in conjunction with KImpactThreshold. KImpact means you hit something. Then all you have to do is, inside that event, find out what you hit (Touchingactors iterator) and decide whether to blow yourself to smithereens, richochet off forcefully, take out the lamp post, etc. The Karma engine expects the programmer to do this, and it doesn't appear that the UnrealSpeed team did so. (not that I'm picking on UnrealSpeed, just stating my observations based on in-game behaviour and the problem they've had with stuff getting lodged like that.)

Anyways, just thought I'd share some info on that.


Well I've set up a website and started recruiting people.

I think this is the best way to get the idea out to the public, and hopefully something will happen.

Please visit:



As an update we have a few more people. (Synista, me, Ivy, 2fast, Jaxter) and have started work on this and have some code and stuff.