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KillingSpree is a single player gametype where you stand in a long hallway and you can't move, you have unlimited ammo and you are invulnerable.

When the game starts bots come running your way (fireing and stuff to annoy you or something), and you have to kill as many as possible within X minutes, the bots you don't kill just disappear. There should always be X number of bots.

It's kind of similar to Duck Hunt or NaliGames.

Of course, there should be powerups like extra time or instant death, or what ever.

Maybe it's a good idea to create an online version of this to tracks stats, and a offline for practice.


ZxAnPhOrIaN: Similar to NaliGames?

El Muerte TDS: Well it's a bit like Nali Challange, except that you can't die and can use any weapon with unlimited ammo. The goal is to shoot as good to get the best score.

Legal: I liked DuckHunt, maybe use something like this?

You'll need to drag-and-drop it in your adressbar :( FuX0rz GeoCities

ZxAnPhOrIaN: lol

Legal: (@ school) Just threw it togheter :p

El Muerte TDS: well actually the idea is to have Bots run and shoot to/at you. But a duck would make a nice "easter egg" :)

Legal: That's what I'll use it for ;)

Sweavo: why would the bots shoot at you if you're invulnerable?

MythOpus: The bots only understand the concept of "there's my target, I have to kill him". So, they'll keep trying to kill him and not realizing that he just won't die.

Sweavo: O I see. Just that it's easier to have them shooting at you than to not have them shooting at you! Actually, a neato variation could be if you only have infinite ammo on the assault rifle, and the bots all carried different weapons, so when you killed them they threw it like they do in the regular game. You wouldn't be able to run to pick up the weapon but if you killed a bot that was close enough to you, you would pick it up and use that for a while until it ran out of ammo.