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Do you know the multiview-screen from rocketarena v0.82? Based on this multiscreening system, I want to create a mutator that enables a selected player on each team (red/blue), to view every transloc-cam placed by a teammate. Use for such a mutator is the observation of battles as a tactical supervisor. The selected player may activate the tactical screen and have a TEAMMESSAGE-based interface, with which he can send messages. (duh:)

In messages, that shall be activated by a minimal number of keys as possible (pre-defined messages), every disc can be given a user-defined name, (maybe built-in support for automatically renaming in relation to the playername of the player who set the cam or it's location, that would be "PlayernameCAM", or "Red Cave", etc.), which makes ist easier for the teammates to understand the location of the disc.

I am open for all ideas :)


Good idea, there's something like it for UT, the wonderful Screen by Mychaeel.

Wormbo: The idea is nice, but this kind of multiple viewports only works with the Direct3D mode. OpenGL mode can't render them correctly. All Linux users and those who chose to use OpenGL under Windows are affected by this problem.