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Legacy:Mod Ideas/Spiderman Gun

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Spiderman Gun – Become spidey himself!


The pickup mesh for this gun would be a spider, but the 3rd and 1st person views woild just be hands. The weapon would allow the player to walk up walls and across ceilings. Fire and Alt fire would shoot grapling hooks themed to look like webs, and they stay active untill the button is released, alowing you to swing across ceilings, and swing through long tal areas (like a city street for example)

Interested Scripters


DJPaul: You mean a grappling hook.

TheRenegadeMaster: I think he meant its a grappling hook when its fired, but the player can still walk up walls and across ceilings if he holding the weapon. I like the idea, would be cool.

Sett: Akimbo grapping hooks. Left and right hand. When the 2nd one makes contact the 1st lets go.

Rico: Worms-style grappling hook, yeah. So you can fire, and in mid air fire again, traversing the ceiling... :)

AlphaOne: I don't get the views part → how can 3RD person view just be hands?

Iceman: I always wanted to do something like this.. Akimbo grapple hooks where you hold down primary to shoot the left hand, and secondary to shoot the right. When the button is let go the ropes are released. If the physics were done properly, I think you could get some interesting effects from being able to have both ropes active at the same time.

Random Guest: AlphaOne, simply assign a 3rd person weapon mesh a completly invisible (transparent) texture and you won't see it. Same goes for anything.