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Moo is Tarquin's project for rewriting the wiki script in object-oriented perl.

It's got to the point where it looks like it could one day be viable, so I've moved it out of my personal space and removed the word 'lunatic' from the page name. It's still very early days though.

Mychaeel: Within the next few days, a friend of mine, Julian Mehnle, is going to release a wiki engine dubbed Thingy on Debian which we both created on the basis of UseMod Wiki 1.0 and Wookee a while ago.

It's not a rewrite such as you are planning and implementing at the moment, and it doesn't have anything to do with the new wiki engine I've been pondering (under the working title Wiki++), but it contains a fair number of useful new functions not part of the UseMod original, including...

  • Wookee (plus some extensions)
  • display templates with embedded wiki pages for menu and toolbar (which users can individually override by their own subpages of their personal pages)
  • a page creation template facility (with placeholders)
  • a facility to integrate per-user write permissions with the webserver's authentication system
  • an option to require people to set their user name before editing a page

I have, however, made Wookee along with quite a few extension modules (including WookeeModule which basically allows you to embed Perl classes into arbitrary pages) publicly available for that purpose:

This is now the "official" Wookee repository (not Unreal Wiki's CVS anymore). Of course, feel free to take the modules from there yourself, and perhaps the WookeeModule concept will fit in nicely with Moo.  :-)

Tarquin: Nice! Sort of like Magic Pages, but... a whole lot better! It would fit very well into Moo. So far I had the vague idea of Generators that would do stuff like produce Recent Changes or Category lists, but I hadn't thought about how they would integrate with the markup module (and using #MAGIC only at the start of the markup is very primitive compared to your system). Database is something I've not got very far on either. I've not planned beyond stuffing the code from UseMod into a class, and even that is something I keep putting off! What's your plan for a Subversion backend?

Mychaeel: Actually... I'm slowly moving away from that thought. The Wiki++ concept is based on the fundamental idea of resources which are identified by a number of generic attributes, and only one of those is the page name (or URI, or whatever). That means that several resources can have the same name (think "page variants" such as several languages translations; namespaces; engine versions; or any combination thereof), and that doesn't fit in well with the Subversion concept. I'll set up a development wiki (a thingy, actually, once Julian has packed it up), and I'm going to start jotting down notes and ideas there shortly.

Tarquin: BTW, while you're still working on Wookee, could you take a look at WookeeTree please? I never worked out how to get Wookee to parse the text in the tree items for link for example. Feel free to use WookeeTree in your stuff if you like :)

Julian: Thingy has been released as version 1.100 and now has its own little website. The latest version of Wookee is also there. And Wookee's source code repository has moved to