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Since this journal start halfway the development I will give a shot explanation.

DoubleJumpUT brings doublejumping from UT2003 to UT. After I played UT2003 and returned to UT I missed the doublejumping. I know that the MatrixMoves mutator has DoubleJumping, but it changes the playerclass and thus makes it incompatible with mods. The mutator will support Double, Triple, Quad and EndlessJump with the following jumpmodes AtApex, UpAndAtApex and Always. The design is so that will not use a special playerpawn but will somehow get access to the Jump keys.

Right now everything works in singleplayer, I just have to get things working on-line.

OK, I finally figured out that the functionreplication to the client only works when the function is simulated. Now I only have to figure out why the functionreplication to the server won't work.

The Wiki doesn't seem to like the . in my nick :-) since I am really sure that I did NOT type Mr.Developer Journal

Corran: Mr.DeveloperJournal is a good name for it anyway. :D

Foxpaw: You might want to consider using a replicated variable instead of a function. Functions make more sense logically but sometimes a replicated function call can get lost and they can be a bit flaky at times.

Hmmm, keeping this page up-to-date did not work out. I recently looked at my harddisk and found some unfinished mods. I finished DoubleJumpUT, so you can get it at my site.