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MultiSkyBox makes multiple skyboxes possible in a single map.

More information and download: Slick Willy's Custom Scripts

Created by SlickWilly.

Quick Tutorial[edit]

  1. Set up multiple skyboxes for your map with a SkyZoneInfo actor in each skybox.
  2. Set up Zones for each area that will view a different skybox. (only one per zone)
  3. Create a subclass of ZoneInfo in MyLevel called "MultiSkyboxZoneInfo"
  4. Remove the default code, insert the code seen on the MultiSkyboxZoneInfo page.
  5. Compile it.
  6. Place a MultiSkyboxZoneInfo actor in each zone. (Idiot proof note: Do not place the multiskyboxzoneinfo actor in the skybox zone itself!)
  7. Set some unique name to both MultiSkyBoxZoneInfo -> event and SkyZoneInfo -> Tag.

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