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What can I say? I've had a strange life. I've slept in mansions and I've slept in gutters.

I never knew who my father was. My mother was decapitated in a car accident when I was 4. I was raised by my bickering alcoholic grandparents in complete isolation in a rundown shack in the middle of some Illinois cornfields, miles from anyone. I almost died of pnuemonia from neglect.

When I was a kid, I was dropped on the seesaw by my cousin and have only recently discovered that the constant back pain I have experienced all my life is the result of my tailbone being jammed up behind my lower vertabrae.

To escape Illinois, on my step brother's encouragement, I moved to Texas seeking work just in time for a major dip in oil prices and an economic recession. I ended up being framed for stealing a ham, ironically though I don't even eat pork, and spent time in the Texas penitentiary.

Then on the other side of the coin:

I moved to New Orleans where I discovered the art of street performing. Upon discovering this new means of self sufficiency, I tried a number of gigs including playing the 5 string banjo and taking photographs of tourists on Bourbon St. One day I discovered the art of playing music on wineglasses and set out to build my own set. After learning a simple song, I went out to rehearse in public and immediately discovered the hypnotic effect glass music has on the listener. People would stop dead in their tracks and be drawn in like a magnet with their jaws hanging open. Students would empty their pockets, giving me every penny they had, wishing they had more to give. Hell's Angels would be standing next to old ladies, both in tears. People would literally get down on their knees and psuedo worship me. I got movie and recording offers and a whole string of wanna-be producers trying to take advantage of me and ended up on international TV shows and have been seen by over 200 million people. I've played at billionaire's homes and have played at both the Bohemian Club and Bohemian Grove, a highly prestigious and fairly secretive club like the Masons consisting of heads of state from around the world including every republican president and people like Kissinger, etc. supposedly where they all go to relax and decide on matters of world policy. I got to jam with a number of famous musicians like Mickey Hart from the Grateful Dead and Steve Smith from Journey and have entertained a number of famous celebrities as well.

You can check out some glass playing samples on my webpage:


Any internet based recording isn't going to do justice to the effect of live glass music, but you'll get the idea.

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