I'm a doctor, not a mechanic


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I make maps, and have a site here:

Nachimir's Hole

I avoided UnrealWiki for ages. But now I see the error of my ways. It's a super idea. I think hosted sites are especially inconvenient with regard to tutorials.

Welcome to the Wiki then.  :-) Forgive my curiosity: Why did you (actively, I take it) avoid the Wiki so long? Maybe there's a public misconception we could possibly clear up... —Mychaeel

Nachimir Thanks. It was just slightly scary, the thought of everyone else being able to... handle stuff. Stupid of me to be so precious. I think this could be one of the biggest assets of the Unreal community.

"This is a Local Wiki, for Local people. ARGH, stop! They're touching the precious things!"
"not now tubbs!"

I know what you mean. I find the best way to get around that is to write in a different style: instead of carefully crafting a single page, write quick notes and save the page. Come back to it whenever you think of something to add, and let it grow bit by bit. Think of it as chain-writing. Welcome aboard! BTW added you to the Category:Legacy Personal Page page – Tarquin