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– 2004-11

Nercury: I am beginner mapper, i have released only three maps so far, all for U2XMP.

First one, XMP-NRK-Trainstation, was the map which helped me learn lots of things. It has no terrain, also there are no trains in Trainstation, and also i found players confused about map layout. It turned out to be "I hate it" or "I love it" map. Well, i didnt expected it to keep on server rotation half year.

I knew that i want map with sky, not somewhere under ground, so i started my second map making unique skybox. XMP-CXP-HeavenlyHell-RC was a map for CXP (Community eXpansion Pack) map pack, ant was a map which helped me learn lots of optimization, zoning and planning. Beta version of this map had very bad fps issues, also not effective static meshes, but with lots of experimenting i managed to reach huge fps boost, also learned to make good looking visuals with lower fps requirements.

Also i have made one mutator, which removes one particular U2XMP exploit. I have learned using replicated functions and some things about unreal networking architecture.

Now i started Mapping for UTXMP, total UT2004 conversion of U2XMP. My first map already prepared for UTXMP is HeavenlyHell. I am also working with several new maps, but they are mostly experimenting with different styles and are not candidates to be released. Now i am concentrated to making unique static meshes and combining them with BSP geometry.

– 2006-02

Nercury: I guess i made some break both for playing and mapping. But well, i just had to return. Now i have made some heavy optimisations to heavenly hell. Also, i have recently released new map for U2XMP: XMP-PyramidBeta2. Well, community is not big here, but it is still alive and i dont see any reason to stop mapping ;). Now i am going to make some duel map in near future.

I have lost my "prepared" version of HeavenlyHell for UTXMP. And i see really small player base here compared to U2XMP, so i dont think it is worth to port. Well, i may change my mind... Who knows.