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Actor >> Info (UT) >> ZoneInfo >> NitrogenZone

This zone is used in DM-Pyramid as the ZoneInfo object for the central floating area. A Nitrogen zone behaves in a similar way to a water zone in the players can "swim" around in it but their movement is twice as quick as it would be in a normal water zone.

Default Properties[edit]

This class doesn't add any new properties or behaviour. It holds the following defaults:

  • DamagePerSec = 20
  • DamageType = Frozen
  • bWaterZone = True
  • bPainZone = True
  • ViewFog = (X=0.011719,Y=0.039063,Z=0.046875)


event ActorEntered( actor Other ) 
When the actor enters the zone increase the default water speed by a factor of two, and set the underwater time to -1 (so the player can't drown).
event ActorLeaving( actor Other ) 
When the actor leaves the zone re-set the water speed and underwater time to their defaults.