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UT2004::Actor>>Pawn>>Vehicle>>SVehicle>>ONSVehicle>>ONSHoverCraft (Package: Onslaught)

The base class for hovering vehicles. Extend this class to get a hovering Vehicle. This class is not the Manta. The Manta is a subclass called ONSHoverBike. This class holds all the functionality for a hovering vehicle.



array<vector> ThrusterOffsets 
An array holding where the thrusters are located.
float HoverSoftness 
float HoverPenScale 
float HoverCheckDist 
float UprightStiffness 
float UprightDamping 
float MaxThrustForce 
float LongDamping 
float MaxStrafeForce 
float LatDamping 
float MaxRiseForce 
The max rate that this vehicle can rise upwards.
float Updamping 
float TurnTorqueFactor 
float TurnTorqueMax 
float TurnDamping 
float MaxYawRate 
The maximum rate this vehicle can turn.
float PitchTorqueFactor 
float PitchTorqueMax 
float PitchDamping 
float RollTorqueTurnFactor 
float RollTorqueStrafeFactor 
float RollTorqueMax 
float RollDamping 
float StopThreshold 
float MaxRandForce 
float RandForceInterval 


float HoverMPH 
float TargetHeading 
float TargetPitch 
bool bHeadingInitialized 
float OutputThrust 
float OutputStrafe 
Pawn OldDriver 


HoverCrafteState HoverState 
The current hover state.
HoverCraftState OldHoverState 
The previous hover state.
KRigidBodyState ChassisState 
The state the chassis is in.
bool bNewHoverState 
If true, the ChassisState needs to be updated.



Holds information on the properties of the HoverCraft

vector ChassisPosition 
The position of the body of the vehicle.
Quat ChassisQuaternion 
vector ChassisLinVel 
The linear velocity of the body.
vector ChassisAngVel 
byte ServerThrust 
byte ServerStrafe 
int ServerViewPitch 
int serverViewYaw 


simulated bool KUpdateState(out KRigidBodyState newState) 
Returns true if state is updated, false otherwise.
simulated SVehicleUpdateParams() 
Updates KarmaParams to settings of HoverCraft (such as HoverCheckDist).


simulated PostNetBeginPlay() 
Spawns the repulsors.
Died(Controller Killer, class<DamageType> damageType, vector HitLocation) 
Destroys repulsors.
simulated SpecialCalcFirstPersonView(PlayerController PC, out actor ViewActor, out vector CameraLocation, out rotator CameraRotation)



Known Subclasses[edit]