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UT2004 :: Actor >> Pawn >> Vehicle >> ONSWeaponPawn >> ONSStationaryWeaponPawn


ONSStationaryWeaponPawn is the base placeable actor for Onslaught Turrets.

Upon release the only subclass is ONSManualGunPawn.



bool bPowered 
Is this turret powered (i.e. enabled?)
float RespawnTime 
Time it will take for this turret to respawn when destroyed.
Effect class to be used when the turret is destroyed.


simulated function PostBeginPlay() 
Sets Some Drawing Properties.
function CheckSuperBerserk() 
Applies Fire Rate Adjustment.
simulated function bool IndependentVehicle()
function bool TryToDrive(Pawn P) 
Calls Vehicle.TryToDrive() if turret is powered :
function SetTeamNum(Byte T)
Sets the team associated with this turret.
simulated event TeamChanged() 
Resets turret health if it recently changed teams.
event VehicleLocked( Pawn P ) 
function AltFire(optional float F) 
Allows the controller to use its zoom function.
function ClientVehicleCeaseFire(bool bWasAltFire) 
simulated function ClientKDriverLeave(PlayerController PC) 
function Reset() 
function Died( Controller Killer, class <DamageType> damageType, vector HitLocation) 
Performs Some checks for possed/unpossed removal from vehicles : Ensures hud cleanup : Tells the server how to assign points
simulated event ClientTrigger() 
simulated function PostNetReceive() 
simulated function UpdatePrecacheMaterials() 


State 'Dead'[edit]

function BeginState() 
Disables Collision Detection and spawns destruction effect.
function SetTeamNum( Byte T ) 
Sets the team associated with this turret.
function Timer() 
function EndState() 
Resets Properties bHidden, Gun.bHidden, Turret Health and Collision To Defaults and stops the Timer