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Who is he?[edit]

I've played Unreal for years. Back in the Unreal I days, I used to toy with mapping. These days, I'm mapping again and writing small mutators, etc. to experiment with this stuff. Certainly UnrealWiki is a great resource, and I'm glad I can contribute (though it's pretty miniscule).

I've been coding C++ for I don't know how long at this point, and have been doing commercial software and the like for 10 years or so. I'm familiar with most current languages, so UnrealScript comes very easily. The hierarchy is where the learning curve is. I worked at Apple for almost 8 years and then a brief stint at Adobe. Now I'm working on my own stuff during the day.

I'm an avid Bombing Run player and play most nights.

Why off-kilter? I dunno. I guess that's how I felt when I had to make a name to play in UT2003.


Mutators, etc.[edit]

Well, I've done a few mutators to date, most were never released to the great unwashed.

The first think I wrote was called ADTransOnly, which gives you unlimited trans (and in fact no other weapons BUT trans), and also makes the ball in BR into a timebomb. This is all to promote passing/catching. Mostly for small practices, not real gameplay.

Another mut called TimeToBomb was a custom gametype (only because I found no other way to implement it) that gathered more statistics than you can't normally get (again for BR). For example, you can see the latest and best time to the ball, to help one measure their speed to it. I never really released this one because I was considering adding more to it. Not very exciting as-is.

I've written a HeadShotInstaGib mutator for 2k4 (but then again, who hasn't). I also just finished writing a mutator called NoThrees, which disables three point shots in BR.

The biggest thing by far that I worked on was QuadBombingRun, where we implemented a new gametype for BR with four goals. I don't think it was very compelling in terms of gameplay as it was too easy to gang up on one goal, unlike a QuadCTF where you'd have to run back to your base to score at least. But this was a challenge to write. It was never quite quite finished: some of the messages that came up were overlapping and the like :P


Co-author (mostly for texturizing) BR-Trilogy (latest is TrilogySE, with TrilogyPro left currently unfinished, but pretty kickass). Working on one other map that is mostly complete. I also have an idea for a map that has never before existed (stylistically) in UT. It will require lots of custom static meshes, but dammit it will be worth it! I just need some time :(


Wrote UT2003Server module for phpNuke (which btw, I very much hate). Shows info for a server on your Nuke-based website.

Tarquin: Hi and welcome to the site! This huge resource has been built up from lots and lots of minuscule contributions. Everything makes a difference :D

SuperApe: Welcome. I'm interested in BR gameplay as well; particularly with bots. I'm you have time at home to download my BRmap, it demonstrates some interesting use of the ShootSpots as 'PuntSpots', and I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on that. Let us know how your Mod progresses. Again, welcome!

Off-Kilter: Thanks guys!

Tarquin: Grammar police edits are especially good ;)

Off-Kilter: Hehe :)