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My name is Greg "Overload" Laabs. I have worked on several Unreal/UT/UT2003 projects over the years (SuperHeroesUT was my big one) but it wasn't until UT2004 came out that I actually sat down and learned how to program well. I am now simultaneously working on a few large projects for the UT2004 community (0LStats and CTF4) that I am happy to say have been very well received.

My main website is Apartment 167, although at the moment it's not very good for seeing what all my projects are, so I decided to list them here.

I plan on also writing up some pages on how to create 4-team mods based on my 4-team code.

Here they are. They are works in progress:

Legacy:OverloadUT/Making CTF4 Maps

Legacy:OverloadUT/Making CTF4 Compatible Mutators

Legacy:OverloadUT/Making A 4-Team Gametype

Other pages:

Legacy:OverloadUT/Release Checklist

UT2004 Mods[edit]

Slave Master 
Slave Master is a free-for-all gametype, like Deathmatch. When a player is killed, they respawn as their killer's slave. Slaves have a ghost-like appearance and cannot receive nor deal damage. When a slave picks up items, they are given to his master and the slave earns "favor." If a slave can earn 100 favor, he has "earned his freedom" and respawns as a player again. Another way for a slave to earn favor is by "tagging" enemy masters. Slaves can shoot a tagging orb by pressing primary fire. Once a player has been tagged, the slave's master can easily see the location of the tagged player. The objective is to enslave every other player in the match. Release information and download link can be found at this Atari Forums post. Slave Master was the 4th place winner in the Best GameType category of phase 3 of the Make Something Unreal Contest.
OLStats is the mother of all stat loggers. Its original (and still very useful) function was to serve as an improved local stat logger over Epic's built in one. Epic's version is bug-ridden and lacks a lot of simple things like chat logging and bot logging. OLStats adds a slew of new things it can log (accuracy, pickups, invasion monsters, etc.)
In addition, OLStats also has full HTML logging. OLStats will create (many) HTML files after every match, which offer a well organized and very complete way of showing you the stats from all the matches you play, without needing a parser or anything. This feature was designed with people who play botmatmatches in mind. Release information and download link can be found at this Atari Forums post.
CTF4 (unreleased) 
Capture the Flag with 4 teams.
TDM4 (unreleased) 
Just team deathmatch with the option of having 3 or 4 teams. I had to create this as a base before starting work on CTF4.
cDOM4 (unreleased) 
Classic Domination with 4 teams. I am working with the cDOM (Classic Domination) team to bring four team support to their mod. I loved playing Domination in UT '99 with 3 teams.

Future Plans[edit]

These are my future mod plans that I haven't actually started significant work on yet.

Onslaught with 4 teams. I am going to have to have a long brainstorming session with my team to figure out how to make the scoring fun, and possible. With current ONS rules the game would never end.
OLStats 4.0 
I plan on doing more significant work on OLStats once my gametype projects are finished. I'm going to add a whole system where the players inside the server can somehow view some of the stats. Maybe when someone joins the server that has a particuarly high rating, the game will announce it. Or some sort of team-balancing feature that uses the players' ratings to fairly balance the teams.