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In Development[edit]

Work for the King of the Hill mutator. I'm mapping/modeling and skinning for it.

Completed Work[edit]


It's a King of the Hill map set in a rocky, valley setting or something. Need's optimisation.

Mutator: Low Ammo Warning[edit]

My first ever mutator. Basically you select the mutator, configure the ammo levels for each individual weapon and when your ammo drops below that level you get an on-screen warning.

Download ~20K -


  • LedZep for the Interface code (his comments are still in the source I think :rolleyes: )
  • The author of the Interaction code.
  • Mych and Tarquin for posting stuff in the BU forum which I found useful.
  • Everyone on the Wiki and BUF-Coding and Mapping


Well, technically I'm unemployed. I finished High School about 4 or 5 weeks ago and am in the period between secondary and tertiary education. I've applied to complete a Diploma in Software Development which will lead into a Bachelor of Information Technology / Commerce.

Guest Book[edit]

EntropicLqd: Welcome to the Wiki - Enjoy your stay :)

Tarquin: Hello & welcome :D

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hello and welcome to the wiki! :) :tup:

Oxygen: Thanks everyone, it's nice to be made welcome :) Group hug.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: The wiki is ALWAYS a friendly place! ;) :tup: