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This page is a list of classes added by P2JailBreak.


Kamek: Damn, I never realized how long and complicated the Postal 2 GameInfo class structure was. o.o

Config Variables[edit]

string MadCowHeadMesh
StaticMesh to use for players who catch MadCow Disease. The default is the same as the Cow Head Weapon.
bool bUseMadCow
Similar to Jailbreak, P2JailBreak punishes players who disconnect and reconnect in order to escape jail by infecting them with MadCow Disease. If this is false, MadCow Disease will not be used.
bool bJailCampMadCow
Also similar to Jailbreak, P2JailBreak punishes jail campers who shoot at protected jail escapees by making them catch MadCow. If this is false, jail campers will not be punished.
int JailCampThreshold
When jail campers attack protected jail escapees, the amount of damage they would have done is added to a counter. If the counter exceeds this value they will catch MadCow Disease if bJailCampMadCow and bUseMadCow are enabled. The default value is 300, the MaxHealth for a normal player.
int JailCampWarning
Amount of damage a player must deal in one blow to a protected escapee to be warned what happens to jail campers (MadCow). Defaults to 10, which is high enough for any weapon to trigger it except for the machine gun.
float MadCowHuntDuration
Time in seconds that the MadCow Hunt lasts when a player catches the MadCow Disease. If any MadCows are fragged during this time the killer gets a prize.
array<MadCowPrizeStruct> MadCowPrizes
Array of potential prizes for MadCow killers. See "Structs" below.
float ReleaseProtectionDuration
Time in seconds that release protection is active. Release protection begins the instant a player leaves the JailZone and ends either when the player fires or when this time is up. Use 0 to disable release protection.



class<P2PowerupInv> PrizeClass
Prize to be given to the MadCow fragger.
float Chance
Chance that the MadCow fragger will receive this prize. 1.00 = 100%, 0.50 = 50%, etc.


Actor >> Triggers >> Trigger >> TeamTrigger

A Trigger that can only be set off by Pawns belonging to a certain team.

TeamTrigger Properties[edit]

int OurTriggeringTeam
Which team can trigger us. 0 = red, 1 = blue.


Actor >> Triggers >> Trigger >> TeamTrigger >> JailRelease

A JailRelease is a TeamTrigger with special P2JailBreak functionality. When TriggerEvent is called (either by the regular Trigger mechanism or by JR_OtherTriggerTriggers), a message is sent to all players informing them that a jail release has been triggered.

By default a JailRelease is a rotating RWS sign.

JailRelease Properties[edit]

Sound JailReleaseSound
If this is specified, the sound will be played when the trigger is set off.
array<Name> JailZoneTags
In order for your JailRelease to show up correctly on the fish radar, fill this array with the Tag (NOT the ZoneTag!) of all JailZones whose freedom depends on this release. If no JailZoneTags are specified the release will show up as a blue fish regardless of who's in the jail. If this array is specified properly, the fish will change to yellow and then red as more and more players enter the related JailZone.
StaticMesh OurStaticMesh
You must set this property as well as the StaticMesh property under Display in order to override the default RWS sign. If you do not want the JailRelease to be visible, set bHidden to true and JailBreakGame will take care of the rest.

JailRelease States[edit]

This state allows other triggers to "trigger" the JailRelease, which will then set off the game message and JailReleaseSound.

JailRelease Subclasses[edit]

JailRelease has two subclasses, BlueJailRelease and RedJailRelease. These offer no different functionality from a regular JailRelease, but its default properties are set for the appropriate team (red team unlocks the blue jail, blue team unlock the red jail). If this is too confusing then just use the regular JailRelease.


Actor >> Triggers >> ExecutionTrigger

When the entire team is locked up, all ExecutionTriggers matching the team to be executed are fired off.

Kamek: In retrospect I probably should have eschewed ExecutionTriggers and had the JailBreakGame just issue TriggerEvents instead of triggering unnecessary actors... It might not be too late to do so...

ExecutionTrigger Properties[edit]

float BackupGibbingTime
If your execution doesn't kill off all the players, the backup gibbing will kick in after this time delay and gib anyone who's still left. The bots are notorious for respawning over and over again during executions.
name ExecutionCameraTag
Tag of one or more Keypoints which are used for camera views during this execution.
int Team
Which team is being killed off. 0 = red, 1 = blue.

ExecutionTrigger Subclasses[edit]

Like the JailReleases, there are RedExecutionTriggers and BlueExecutionTriggers with default properties set up for that team's execution, to save on extra typing.


Actor >> Keypoint >> ExecutionCamera

Simply a Keypoint with bDirectional defaulting to true.


Actor >> Spawner >> ReusableSpawner

This is a Postal 2 Spawner which does not destroy itself after TotalSpawned actors are spawned. Instead it deactivates itself and can be triggered again.


Actor >> PawnSpawner >> ReusablePawnSpawner

This is a Postal 2 PawnSpawner which does not destroy itself after TotalSpawned actors are spawned. Instead it deactivates itself and can be triggered again.

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