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Postal 2's version of the PlayerController. Contains most player-related functions.



bool bEnableReticle
Enable/disable reticles
int ReticleNum
Current reticle number
int ReticleAlpha
Reticle alpha value
bool ShowBlood
True means you get blood and gore, false means you get cheesy dust effects instead
int HurtBarAlpha
Alpha level for glowy red hurt bars when you get damaged
int HudViewState
How much of the hud is showing. 0 = all hidden, HUD_VIEW_MAX = all visible
bool bWeaponBob
Whether or not we want weapon bobbing
bool bMpHints
Shows hints in multiplayer mode

Useful Functions[edit]

function AddAnimalFriend(AnimalPawn newfriend)
Adds an animal friend
function RemoveAnimalFriend(AnimalPawn newfriend)
Removes an animal friend
function bool IsAnimalFriend(FPSPawn cfriend)
Check to see if this pawn is one of the player's animal friends
function bool CheatsAllowed()
Returns true if we can use cheats
function SetSightReaction(FPSPawn.EPawnInitialState NewSightReaction)
Set the type of reaction NPCs have to seeing the player
function ClearSightReaction()
Clears our sight reaction
function NotifyCuredGonorrhea()
Tell dude he got his VD cured
function InitCrackAddiction()
Sets up our crack addiction
function SmokeCatnip()
If the player smokes catnip he goes into slow-motion
simulated function BlowSmoke(vector smokecolor)
function EatingFood()
function CommentOnCrackUse()
Say something about using crack
function CommentOnWeaponThrow()
Say something funny as you throw a grenade
function float CommentOnGettingArrested()
Talk back while getting arrested
function CommentOnCheating()
Make fun of the player for cheating
function CommentOnNeedingToPee()
Say you have to take a leak
function float CommentOnFarting()
Apologize for farting
simulated function FindGroupWeapon(byte FindGroup, out P2Weapon NewWeap, out byte Abort)
Find a weapon in a specific group
function bool SwitchToThisWeapon(int GroupNum, int OffsetNum, optional bool bForceReady)
Switch to a particular weapon
function bool SwitchToThisPowerup(int GroupNum, int OffsetNum)
Switch to a particular powerup
function SetupGettingMugged(P2Pawn NewMugger)
You're getting mugged by someone
function bool CanBeMugged(P2Pawn NewMugger)
Returns true if it's possible to mug the dude