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Public Colaborative Compilations[edit]

I was just surfing through the wiki and I finally went to the Map_Design page for the first time in a long time. And so my eye caught the heading Public Colaborative Compilations. I read and I like the idea. Now, I'm wondering if anyone is willing to get into a little Colaborative project such as that.


1.Create a really simple feature, like a doorway, a junction, a ramp or something.

2.Give that simple map to a number of mappers, and have them make it more interesting – keep the base geometry but add

3.whatever brushes, deco and lighting.

4.Compile the results together into one map

5.Create a page here showing screenies & layout plans of the original map, with a subpage for each mapper's version, with screenies & diagrams explaining how their design works.

Originally from Map_Design

So I ask you this. Do you think it'd be a good idea? First we gotta come up with some way to get the map files to everyone. Then we have to coem up with an organized way for people to ad their "two cents". Any other comments, suggstions etc. are wanted.

Comments Etc.[edit]