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Did you know...

Successful use of the engine is defined as thwarting the intentions of those who made it?

POSTed is the Unreal Level Editor for Postal 2. There appear to be no major differences between POSTed and the regular UnrealEd. Of course, Postal 2 is my first Unreal Engine game so I wouldn't know. :P

One nice feature about POSTed is the Tip of the Day dialogue. This dialogue box contains such gems as:

Did you know ...[edit]

  • You should save frequently? Really.
  • If you accidentally start a compile, you can stop it by minimizing the editor? Save your work first.
  • If you mis-type a file name in the open dialogue, the editor will inform you of your typo by promptly crashing?
  • You cannot box select static meshes except in the top view window? Why did you think that would work?
  • If you wait long enough, most problems fix themselves?
  • The pathfinding code considers a proscribed path as a challenge to be overcome and you will often cause a cascade of unanticipated new connections if you proscribe one?
  • When in doubt, press Q?
  • Those of you accustomed to compile error messages in Quake engines may be surprised to learn of the much more efficient compile error message system of Unreal, to crash instantly.
  • Modifying static mesh collision in the browser may cause intermittent reboots?

And last, but not least...

  • If you want to compile script in the editor, you should not click on the "Crash Instantly" button (mislabeled as the "Compile Changed Scripts" button)?


Dark Pulse: Hmm, how true these are. :D

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