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Developer(s) Digital Extremes
Publisher Groove Games
Release Date May 2005
Supported Platform(s) Windows
PlayStation 2
Official Web Site
Demo None
Latest Patch Version 1.02 – 28th March 2005
Unreal Engine Version [[Unreal Engine Versions/2.5 Unreal Engine 2.5]]
UnrealEd Version [[UnrealEd Versions UnrealEd 3]]


Pariah is a first-person shooter computer game developed by Digital Extremes, co-developers of the Unreal franchise. It was released on May 3, 2005 for PC and Xbox. It uses a modified version of the Unreal engine and the Havok physics engine.

System Requirements[edit]

Operating System 
Windows 98SE/2000/XP
Pentium 3 1.4ghz or AMD equivalent
Hard Disk Space 
4x CD ROM drive
Audio System 
Video System 
32mb geforce 3, directx 8 compatible video card. Geforce MX series not supported.



Useful Information[edit]


Deathmatch/Team DeathMatch

standard deathmatch. Some maps with vehicles.

Capture the Flag

standard capture the flag. Most maps with vehicles

Front line assault

Two teams have to capture control points across the map. Like a hybrid of onslaught and assault from UT2004.


One team has to destroy a power core that the other team is defending



The game is set in the year 2520. Earth has been ravaged by a war with the mysterious "shroud". As a result, most of it is barren wasteland, inhabited by the scavengers; descendants of prisoners from the war.

You play as Jack Mason, a doctor who escorts cryogenically frozen prisoners across the wastelands to the Anvil prison.

Mason has taken charge of a prisoner named Karina, and on a routine flight aboard a drop ship is shot down by a surface-to-air missile. After the crash, Mason finds that Karina has run away. Worse, scavengers are descending on the wreckage. It turns out that Karina is harbouring a virus, that has now transferred itself to Mason.

Mason tracks Karina down to a prison cell outside a Dam. Together they escape towards a communications tower. Here they learn that the missile was no random attack. Stockton, the warden of the Anvil prison, is planning to nuke the area to contain the virus.

They infiltrate a train station, and use the train to head towards the Anvil. However, during the Train Mission the train is destroyed. Karina is captured, and Mason must head into the anvil to retrieve her.

The scavengers have the same plan, and when Mason enters the anvil it is in a state of total war. He is captured in the anvil, and frozen.

Mason is revived on Stockons dropship. Another dropship approaches, containing scavengers who were promised payment for capturing Karina. Stockton refuses to pay up, and Mason must board the other ship to stop them destroying Stockton.

Mason takes control of the scavengers ship, but he ejects into the desert below. Here, he encounters Stockton, Weilding a weapon known as the titans fist. The virus that Stockton is also infected with can release enourmous amounts of energy, sometimes even obliterating the affected person. The titans fist concentrates this energy into a powerful weapon. Stokcton intends to use this to fight the shroud, which have not actually been totally destroyed in the war. He must capture Karina, as his superiors will not allow him to carry out research with the virus.

Mason cannot stay around. He spots Karina running away. He pursues her into a resevoir complex. Here, he meets Stockton again. Mason manages to defeat stockton and rescue Karina from him.

But Mason hands Karina over to the shroud. It is revealed that Karina was created by the shroud 30 years in the past. She was captured by Stocktons Father and frozen. Mason has in fact been collaborating with the shroud to return her. Masons end of the deal is that the shroud posses the ability to bring the dead back to life. Mason wants the shroud to do this to his daughter, who died sometime in the past.

The shroud refuse. Mason realises he isnt going to see his daughter alive. Mason, now fully infected, takes the titans fist from stockton and rampages through the shroud outpost. He eventually finds Karina, intertwined into shroud machinery. Karina behs Mason to kill her. But Mason preferred to shoot himself. This causes Karina to lose control, and the viral energy within her is released, completely destroying the outpost

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Editor Notes[edit]

Pariah uses a standard Unrealed3. Maximize viewport is not functional. The editor takes quite a long time to start, and playing a map through it can also take some to startup.

Player scale is extremely large. You can just stand up in a 256UU high corridor. Also note that jump distances and heights are generous.

The texture and static mesh packs are (presumably) named after their authors, meaning it can be quite difficult to find specific types of textures or meshes.

Pariah also includes the Make and Play editor, available through the main menu. This is largely self explanatory as it is a very simple editor used for making basic terrain based DM and seige maps. You cannot start from scratch; you can only modify base maps. There is a limit on how many vehicles and decorations you can place.

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