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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Keypoint (UT) >> PathPoint (Package: UnrealShare)

PathPoint actors define a path for an ObjectPath actor with the same Tag.


PathPoint Group[edit]

int sequence_Number 
Used to specify the to order of the points in a path.
float curveSpeed 
How fast the object must move at this point. (affects shape of path, not really speed)
float speedU 
Speed factor, a value of 1 will travel through the segment in 1 second, 0 stop, 2 in 1/2 second, etc.


vector pVelocity 
calculated internally, the velocity at this point

GTD-Carthage: I've been playing with ObjectPaths and PathPoints a while ago. Can someone trully determine precisely HOW the curve of the following object is affected? Has anyone thought of how this could actually help in more fluid aircraft movement in UT and other would-be scripted stuff out there? :)