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Legacy:Pawn (UT)/Audio

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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Pawn (UT) (Audio Functions)

Sound Functions[edit]

PlayTakeHitSound (int Damage, name damageType, int Mult) 
Called to play the "ouch" sound when the pawn takes damage.
Gasp ( ) 
This function is called to play an appropriate sound when a pawn surfaces from being "underwater".
ClientVoiceMessage (PlayerReplicationInfo (UT) Sender, PlayerReplicationInfo (UT) Recipient, name messagetype, byte messageID) 
Called to play a "voice message" on the client.
BotVoiceMessage (name messagetype, byte MessageID, Pawn (UT) Sender) 
Called when a bot wishes to send a "team" voice message.
SendVoiceMessage (PlayerReplicationInfo (UT) Sender, PlayerReplicationInfo (UT) Recipient, name messagetype, byte messageID, name broadcasttype ) 
This function sends a voice message to the specified recipient. The function has built in spam protection and uses the broadcasttype parameter (GLOBAL or TEAM) to determine whether to send it to the specified recipient or not.

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