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To kick with sore toe only hurts foot

Japanese proverb. I'll leave you to figure out the morals and such. ;)

Well.. I guess this is where I describe myself :P. I have been a fan of shooters for a long time and am just now starting to map. I'm not to terribly great at that or moddelling yet, but Im learning! I tend to type too fast and make spelling errors and stupid mistakes, etc. My favorite game right now is UT2003 (obviously :D), but one of my all-time favorites is Starcraft. Im not going to comment on that here, but if I could find a Starcraft Wiki... oh, whoops, off subject. My best map editing skill right now is testing maps ;), but Im hoping actually building the maps will improve.

Folks like the truth that hits their neighbour.

American Proverb

The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing.

Babylonian Proverb :D

As you can tell, I like funny quotes :)

News: While still a player, and good map tester (;)) I havent been active. Sorry. I havent improved in mapping, or coding (I got worse at coding (lol, out of practice), and from Godlike to Inhuman on bots. Bah. Im also digging around in binding FOV commands, sounds nifty, putting a scope on any weapon, lol. ;) Also, I recently deleted a bunch of old stuff so I could download Chaos UT 2 . Three words: Fear the Proxy!

Tarquin: Hi & welcome to the site. :D

EntropicLqd: Hi, and welcome to the Unreal Wiki :) Have a nice stay.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Wow! big name! anway, welcome to the wiki! :) :tup:

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Ooh a good map tester! Seems like this wiki has more scripters, though. (if you want to see my in-progress map, CTF-Afterlife, see Zxanphorian/Developer_Journal)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Also, if you need help with mapping, ask us (or me personally) on the Help Desk. I call myself an uber-advanced mapper.

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki. Ignore ZxAn, he's harmless. :P If you have real mapping questions, try the BeyondUnreal Mapping Forum. The chance of getting help there is much larger than on the help desk. Also getting familiar with the forums search function will help you prevent waiting for answers.
BTW: You might want to try this neat wiki markup for your quotes:

To kick with sore toe only hurts foot

Japenese proverb. I'll leave you to figure out the morals and such ;)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Quiet you!! :D