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Piglet's House... Somewhere in 100 Aker Wood[edit]

The Name?[edit]

Basically I'm Piglet because thats what I'm like. Think the Pooh character instead of a baby pig and you should be close. Thats it for now.

Wiki Content[edit]

Legacy:Piglet/Finishing Things How to finish 'things'

Legacy:Piglet/LaserTag Page for my Laser Tag mutator.

Shameless Plugging[edit]

Check out my online game at



Laser Tag (think laser quest or quasar etc.) style gameplay for UT2003 :) Very fun (well at least I think so) see Legacy:Piglet/LaserTag for details.
Triples the damage done to everyone from anything, sortof a semi Instagib style mode.
Simply replaces all lightning gun and related bits with rocket launchers. Made because I often get annoyed by the over abundance of lightning in deathmatch games.
Boosts both the amount of adrenaline in an adrenaline powerup (up to 10) and the amount the bots want it. Made because sometimes it takes AGES for adrenaline to charge.


Email: (I'm competing for longest email address )

Guestbook and Comments[edit]

EntropicLqd: Hi, welcome to the Wiki. Hope you enjoy your stay. You can set a username and password up for yourself using the prefrences option. I can't remember the specifics but you can find them here: New Contributors Quick Start.

DJPaul: Hi, I correct your spelling of "Aker", hope you don't mind.

Trystan: Did you bring Tigger? =) Welcome home.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: HI!! :) :tup:

Piglet I 'recorrected' the spelling of Acre, its deliberate, thats how it is in the book :), thanks for all the welcome :)

MythOpus: Yo! Welcome To The Wiki ! :tup: (If It says guest or sumth'n. I'm on my school comp. and my name is MythOpus :) )

Piglet: Hi Myth, though i'm not exactly that new anymore :)

MythOpus: My Bad ;) I can't download your LaserTag mod tho :(