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--Laser Tag Mutator for UT2003 by Piglet

Legacy pigLT logo.jpeg


Laser Tag (think LaserQuest or Quasar) but for UT2003. If that dosent help then sort of think of a non deadly instagib, where one shot kills but your opponent keeps going. Basically each time your shot your 'pack' is deactivated for 5 seconds in which you cant be shot, or for that matter shoot.


pig_LaserTagMutv101.zip 25k (contains a .umod file)

→Old Versions→

For ummm... Novelty value or ummm... I dont know.



  • Current Features (top most recent)
    • Bug Fixing and Bot Fixing (v101)
    • Released First version (v100)
    • Add GUI mutator setup
    • Added CTF support (when your shot you drop the flag)
    • Added bombing run support (when your shot you launch the 'bomb')
    • Base Laser Tag gameplay implemented
  • Still to do (top most important)
    • Make some laser tag style maps
    • Make some laser tag style gamemodes
    • Add Double Domination support (not sure how yet, any ideas?)
    • Implement Lives
    • Implement Replenishers
  • Known Bugs
    • Network play problems (help I dont have a gun) (I'm not sure if this was just my sloppy installation on my other computer or something more sinister)


Mosquito: this page seems.. um... lacking?

Piglet: Well observed, content to follow soon, or now as its better known now.

EntropicLqd: If you get shot your speed should be reduced (or maybe you should even be frozen to the spot). There'd be nothing stopping someon you'd shot from turning round and following you, only to shoot you in the back while you were trying to escape. Also, someone who is unable to shoot or be hit needs to be identified in some way (maybe use the ball carrier "circles" from BR).

Piglet: The speed thing is really not as big an issue as it sounds, from play testing it seems that following a recently downed player is a sure way of getting shot as soon as they reactivate. The identification issue has already been solved (at least temporarily), basically any 'deactivated' weapons have the same overlay on them as the double damage power up uses. Thanks for the intrest though, I hope to release a first version really soon (ie when I've got a working umod :P )

Piglet: Woo, first version released, please do download it and tell me what you think.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Cool! :)

Piglet: Is that cool an "I've tried it cool" or a "It sounds cool" cool?

ZxAnPhOrIaN: I tried it, and its cool. One suggestion: The people are sooo bottled up in br maps and don't respanw

Piglet: I sort of like that scrum style feel that it makes, but I do see what you mean, it's these sort of problems which mean that I want to make some laser tag specific gamemodes

ZxAnPhOrIaN: That jumble up makes it tough to score.

Piglet: Made the Bot's a little better at playing Laser Tag (through use of the UnrealPawn.Visibility property) and also fixed that annoying spree bug. Thus I've released a new version. The new AI makes the scrums a little nicer too, they still exist but they feel better somehow. Finally the sharpest of you will have noticed the re-ordering of the todo list, basically as I've changed my ideas about where the mod should go next. Well anyway, back to work :P (On Laser Tag that is, nothing more serious)

MythOpus: 'You Do Not Have Access To This Document' is all I seem to be getting when I click on either of the links to d/l it. :pissed:

HunterKiller: And a metallic voice errupts in your room's speaker: 'You Do Not Have Access To This Document'. Gosh, I say. No laser tag game! :/