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This page is one of a sequence of Mapping Lessons.

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This tutorial offers the very simple steps needed to add and place a light actor in your map and to see the results of building the lightmap.


  1. In the perspective UnrealEd Viewport and with the mouse on the exact location of where you want to place the light, do one of the following:
    • Right-click a surface in the 3D viewport and do Viewport Context Menu -> Add Light Here.
    • Hold down the L key and left-click in the 3D viewport.
  2. Build Lighting or Build All. The map will be in full brightness until you build it.
  3. After you build it, clicking the Dynamic Light icon on one of the viewport toolbars will show you what effect your light had on its surroundings.
Placing a light

Lights can be manipulated like any other actor:

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