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GeSHi is a set of PHP classes that allow you to quickly and easily apply syntax highlighting to any text and display the output in HTML. It is used in many places, including phpBB, DokuWiki, WikkaWiki and Mambo.

This is a fairly simple wordfile which you can use to apply syntax highlighting to stuff on your own website / forum etc. Features:

  • Everything you'd normally expect from syntax highlighting
  • Recognises a fairly exhaustive list of common Object and Actor functions, members and enums.
  • Also recognises the most common built-in actor and object classes, and additionally links each to a wiki search for that class
  • Customisable via css etc

To install and start using it, first extract and install GeSHi (tested with by following their directions and then dump the contents of the following code block into a file called uscript.php in the /geshi subdirectory.

Click for file contents

You can find some more info here, see it in action and test it yourself.

Feel free to add to or modify it if you can think of any improvements.