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This page contains information and details on the Postal Arena gametype for Postal 2.


Postal 2 has a lack of multiplayer diversity. The only gametypes that come with it are DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, SNATCH, and Grab Bag.

Grab Bag is rarely, if at all, played. SNATCH is the most popular gametype, and DeathMatch and TDM closely follow. While I was working on Postal 2/AirMail I looked at other Unreal engine games and noticed a wide range of new gametypes, such as Rocket Arena, Jailbreak, and others.

After I made the Postal 2/ShovelFight mutator, there was clamoring for an arena gametype. They wanted something similar to Rocket Arena but had never heard of Rocket Arena so they didn't know what they were missing.

Thus, Postal Arena was born. While Postal Arena is a lot simpler than Rocket Arena and its cousins, the idea is the same: two people enter an enclosed arena and do battle with a complete arsenal of weapons, or one weapon in particular as configured by the server admin. The winner takes on the next person in line, the loser goes back to the end of the line.


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Postal Arena Classes


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