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Legacy:Postal 2/AirMail

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AirMail is a Mutator for Postal 2 based on the Quake mod RuneQuake.

Special Delivery packages are dropped throughout the level randomly. Each package contains a special powerup, such as running shoes, regeneration, or flying gear. A player can only carry one package at a time – if they want a new powerup, they must throw away their current package first.

AirMail Powerups[edit]

Air Jordans
Allow the player to run faster and jump higher
Arcade Machine
Causes an arcade machine to appear to impede pursuers or temporarily block a path
Causes ammo to regenerate automatically
Causes armor to regenerate automatically
Can of Beans
Grants farting ability to gas out your foes
Bouncing Betty
Grenades that split into larger numbers for massive destructive power
Grants dog helpers to attack your foes
Fake Airmails
Drops decoy airmail packages to harm enemies
Fake Fast Food
Drops fake fast food bags that explode when touched
Bouncing Bettys that explode into flame
Gravity Wells
Sucks in rockets, grenades, and players, usually with fatal effects
Panic Button
Instantly warp to a random spot on the map. See also Mod_Ideas/HyperspaceButton
Icarus Wings
Grants the power of flight
Turn into a suicide bomber with massive destructive power
Law Firm
Sues enemies and cancels their traps
The One Ring
Grants invisibility if you stand still
Pandora's Box
Has a 10% chance of killing everyone on the map except for you... 90% of the time it backfires
Automatically regenerates your health
Pushes away rockets, grenades, other players
The Shadow
Affords complete invisibility for a short time
Affords invincibility for a short time
Spring Shoes
Doubles your jump height, but slows you down a tad
Subspace Distortions
better known as death spots
Super Health
Raises health to 150 immediately
Tai Kwan Leap
Give your enemies a boot to the head
Warp back and forth between two locations
Tough Skin
Doubles your health
Enemy's attack damage is visited right back to them
Causes all sorts of drug-like symptoms
Weight Gain 4000
Become really fat, but raise attack power
Triangle of Zinthar
Quad damage for a short time

AirMail Classes[edit]

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