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UT2004 :: Actor >> Brush >> Volume >> PhysicsVolume >> PressureVolume (Package: Gameplay)

A Volume that can be triggered to slowly kill all players inside it.


bool bScreamed 
bool bTriggered 
Ensure that it doesn't update until it should
float DieDrawScale 
Drawscale when dead
float DieFOV 
Field of view when dead (interpolates)
float TimePassed 

PressureVolume group[edit]

float KillTime 
How long to kill the player?
vector EndFlashFog
float EndFlashScale
vector StartFlashFog
float StartFlashScale 
Fog values for client death sequence


MakeNormal(Pawn P) 
Reverts all effects of the activated volume on any Pawn that escaped during depressurization.
Tick(float DeltaTime) 
While enabled, this updates the depressurization effect and eventually kills the players inside the volume.
Trigger(Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator) 
Enables the PressureVolume. If the player is a Bot, it does a taunt animation.
PawnLeavingVolume(Pawn Other) 
Called for Pawns that leave the volume. Makes sure those Pawns are restored to to their normal state.