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UT2003 :: Object >> Sound >> ProceduralSound (Package: Engine)

This class is not implemented fully in UT2003, (as in, extremely buggy) but can (in theory) modify a sounds pitch and volume randomly every time it is played to make it sound like it is being generated in real-time. The name is a bit misleading, however, as these are not actually generated in real-time like procedural textures.


float RenderedPitchModification (transient) 
float RenderedVolumeModification (transient) 

Sound Group[edit]

Sound BaseSound 
The sound whose pitch and volume you want to randomize
float PitchModification 
Base pitch modifier (just like AmbientSound)
float VolumeModification 
Base volume modifier (again, the same as AmbientSound)
float PitchVariance 
The pitch range that will get randomized every time it is played.
float VolumeVariance 
The volume range that will get randomized every time it is played.

Related Topics[edit]

Foxpaw: I still can't get these to work properly, BUT I did that the sound for bullets ricocheting off your shield gun is apparently procedural, and seems to play. However, I still can't access the properties of the base sound, so how one goes about setting up a new procedural sound I don't know.

Blitz: I managed to get this to work in UT2004. In the Sound_Browser, use File->New Procedural Sound... Pick a package, group (optional), and name such as PMySound. After clicking ok, type: editobj PMySound in the Console_Bar and you can edit the properties of the procedural sound.

Blue Ion: Roman Dzieciol has released an UED patch that allows us to access these properties and play the sound with the random settings applied directly from the Sound Browser. Beware though, the thing is still quite buggy and I've managed to crash the editor a couple of times.


Oh, and it is is unofficial, unsupported, and many other uns, so backup your UnrealED.exe before doing anything