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Wormbo: You've asked numerous questions on the Help Desk already, so I think it's time you get your personal page. Concider this your official welcome to the Wiki. :) Please set your user name on the Preferences page and add yourself to the list of Category:Legacy Personal Page. While you are on that page feel free to be proud to be one of almost 100 wiki contributors. ;)

Tarquin: Hello & welcome to the site. (nearly 100? wow!)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hi! :) :tup:

ZxAnPhOrIaN: There is almost 100 contributers! When I joined, there were about 50 (excluding me) of them!

ProjectX: Cheers guyz (and girlz)! Well, might as well get the hard bit over, what i am in relation to the Unreal Universe, hmmmm... well i guess, i'm an amateur mapper, i created the help desk (though i noticed the name was originally help, but help desk is way better), i'm one of the musicians for the upcoming UT2K3 mod Bellicose Void ( )and i'm just starting to learn coding, apart from that, i'm an avid gamer for Unreal, and the best EVER suicide pilot for Tribes II. I have made a huge ZERO maps before, well, to twell the truth, i started tonnes, but they've all had their problems, and i've been forced to start again, for example, my now deceased map: DM-Encarceration, it had some architectural and feel problems that couldn't be fixed, so it was scrapped.

I am currently waiting for my UT2K3 copy to finally arrive, they say it'll take 2-3 days :^(


but UED 3.0 isn't as sweet, it's loaded with bugs that needed fixing, either that or the UEDGoblin is having a party on my computer and he's invited his mates. You can find my problem at the bottom of the Help_Desk

Maps in developement:

DM-Asthelion A floating spaceship with a strange gadget

DOM-Pirouen An eveil castle flooded by magma (woah wot a polycount!)

Maps Completed:

DM-Carcer- An industrial uranium mine

CTF-Terranova- A valley riddled with war

Pages that include a lot of "me":

Help Desk - Mainly a page about bugs i find (im good at this) but includes other peoples problems too

ProjectX/Code - A Page of all my coding problems too!! Aren't YOU lucky?!?