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First P. You might consider using the H2+H3 to set the margin between adjacent headings, and H2+P to set first paragraph upper margin. Drop caps would be nice, but they're not consistent on all systems.

Second P. This page should cover all the HTML elements that need to have CSS properties set.

table without border cell 2
row 2 row 2.2

Some text to seperate them

table with border cell 2
row 2 row 2.2

BODY & Lists[edit]

  • UL element
  • For BODY, set
    • background colour
    • font
    • don't set margins. these are set to zero by the header CSS file
  1. OL
  2. next number
    1. indented
a DL / DT / DD list
from Farscape
public school slang
it's Yiddish I think

Links and a link in a header: Home Page[edit]

Link text: Home Page

HR can be given a colour attribute but seems to be very little consistency across browsers.

Character formats[edit]

Different levels of emphasis: one, two, three, a @zip@link.zip

Unreal things[edit]

The class spec box
some script