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UT2003 :: Actor >> WeaponFire (UT2003) >> ProjectileFire (Package: xWeapons)
UT2004 :: Object >> WeaponFire >> ProjectileFire (Package: xWeapons)

As opposed to InstantFire, ProjectileFire spawns Projectiles.


int ProjPerFire 
Number of projectiles to fire in one shot
vector ProjSpawnOffset 
the offset of spawned projectiles. +x forward, +y right, +z up


Handles firing of the weapon. It adds the Offsets, makdes sure we're not spawning a projectile into a wall, and are being good in general. Also handles multiple projectiles.
Projectile SpawnProjectile( vector Start, rotator Dir ) 
Actually spawns the projectile.
vector GetFireStart( vector X, vector Y, vector Z ) 
Returns the starting location of a projectile given a starting trio of base axes

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