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Proton is a text editor with syntax-highlighting support for 30 different languages. For UnrealScript, see the syntax highlight file for UnrealScript.

Available at Freeware.


Legacy Proton.png
  • multiple open files
  • smart-indent
  • customizable shortcut keys for external programs
  • syntax highlighting for 30 different languages including:
    • C/C++
    • Java
    • Java Script
    • Visual Basic
    • Perl
    • HTML
    • SQL
    • PHP
    • custom defined syntax highlighter
  • available in English and German

EntropicLqd: How does it compare with Ultra-Edit? I've been considering getting an Ultra-Edit licence but if I can avoid spending the money I'd rather do that.

FBMachine: Me likey, nice and simple/streamlined... BUT the English version isn't fully translated. Also, I couldn't find the English version on the site given above, I had to google it and found it here:

Bullet: I've been using Ultra-Edit so far but I think I'll switch. The most important features are syntax highlighting, defining shortcuts to be able to compile your code by pressing a simple key combo and it's free!

MythOpus: Looks to me like a cheep rip off of ConText -_-