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Quick Description[edit]

I exist. I code. I'm sure I'll say more things later. I'm making this account only because, as I've been writing more and more UnrealScript I've noticed things that aren't quite right in this here wiki.

I look forward to working and learning with everyone.


VA Move Test 1[edit]

I decided to get down and dirty quite quickly, so I'm writing an experimental mutator which dramatically modifies players' control, weapons, and etc. according to a design I haven't quite decided yet.


Should I make a DeveloperJournal/Quad?

Mon Jun 30 PDT 2003[edit]

I've finished the targetting, camera, and hud. Physics are coming along well. It's rather annoying and depressing, however, to deprogram xPlayer of all the features I don't need. Furthermore, it is annoying adding in the features I do need. (Why didn't dodge have diagonal support?)

Wed Jun 25 PDT 2003[edit]

Modifying the player's rotation without modifying PlayerController:

class RotTest extends Info;
var UnrealPawn target_pawn;
simulated function Tick (float DeltaTime)
  local PlayerController  PC;
  if (Role < ROLE_Authority)
    PC = Level.GetLocalPlayerController ();
    PC = PlayerController (Owner);
  if (PC == None || PC.Pawn == None)
    Self.Destroy ();
  else if (Role == ROLE_Authority
           && (PC.IsDead ()
               || target_pawn == None
               || target_pawn.Controller == None
    target_pawn = None;
  if (Role >= ROLE_SimulatedProxy)
    if (target_pawn == None)
      PC.bTurn180     = 0;
      PC.TurnRot180   = rotator (target_pawn.Location - PC.Pawn.Location);
      PC.bSetTurnRot  = true;
      PC.bTurn180     = 1;   
  reliable if (Role == ROLE_Authority)
  RemoteRole	  = ROLE_SimulatedProxy;
  bAlwaysRelevant = true;

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki and happy coding. ;)

Corran: We-hel-come to the WWW (Wonderful Wiki Website). :D