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Races of Unreal[edit]

  • Draakh (Unreal 2) - A mysterious machine race.
  • Gen Mo'Kai (UT2003,UT2004) - Alien race with powerful legs and a tail.
  • Hex-Core (Unreal 2) - A race (or nation) of blue, amorphous aliens apparently ruled by a monarchy. They must wear a mechanical suit in order to interact with humanity due to differing atmosphere tolerances and their lack of manipulators. Ne'Baan was a Hex-Core pilot on the otherwise human TCA Atlantis.
  • Humans (Unreal) - A bipedal mammalian race from the planet Earth (Sol III). Despite their relative weakness, they display enormous cunning and technological skill, and a vast drive to expand. This has enabled them to rise to become a major player in interstellar politics.
  • Izarians (Unreal) - A race of small blue lizard-like aliens who are nearly psychotic. They had carved out a small empire of their own before encountering the Skaarj and becoming slaves themselves.
  • Kai (Unreal 2) - A nomadic race who occupy the fringe of society and make their way across space by travelling from world to world, performing service for other races. They are interested in archaeology, history, and culture.
  • Krall (Unreal) - A slave race to the Skaarj, serve as low-tier warriors and guards.
  • Nali (Unreal, UC2) - A race of peaceful, four-armed humanoids from the planet Na Pali, former subjects of the Skaarj invasion.
  • Necris (UT, UT2004, UC2) - Human corpses revived by using a substance called Nanoblack.
  • Skaarj (Unreal, UT2004, UC2) - (Pronounced "Skaar") A race of muscular bipedal reptiles of enormous speed, toughness, and ferocity. Rivals of humanity.
  • Striders (Unreal 2) - A race that engaged in a war with humanity.
  • Titans (Unreal) - Humongous, building-sized brutal creatures, they have very limited, animal-like intelligence.
  • Tosc (Unreal 2) - Mysterious ancient race.


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