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UT2004 Name: SlipStreams_65

Im real new to the game, but im hoping to improve, so if you see me in a server please dont kick my butt too badly -)

I no longer play devastation (clan broke up etc etc) but I still sometimes go on the servers if im tired of getting Pwned on UT2004.

Pages i've created[edit]

DevastatED A general information page for the devastation editor

Mapping for Territories A long and colourful outlook on how i think Territories should be done. Check it out even of you dont own devastation, this could make a SERIOUSLY good mod for other games.

Devastation Bugs List Come on, every game has its flaws.......

Alternative Devastation Gametypes Speaks for itself


All Devastation


My first online map, this is a fast paced map that takes place on a ship moving through the foggy seas. I have one base at end end, and you can make your way to the enemy by navigating the maze of crates in the middle, or by going below to the two moving lifts for a quick ride (or escape)


see Mapping for DrawBridges, page is soon to be updated.

I have finished the final version with good result.

Maps currently in developement[edit]

doing a UT2004 version of CTF Liner, planning a few ONS and AS maps after.