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UT2004 :: Object >> ReachSpec (Package: Engine)

A ReachSpec contains information about the direct path connection between two NavigationPoints. UnrealEd's path lines are a graphical representation of all ReachSpecs in the map.

In UT this class does not have any UnrealScript interface.


int Distance 
NavigationPoint Start (const) 
NavigationPoint at start of this path.
NavigationPoint End (const) 
NavigationPoint at endpoint of this path. (next waypoint or goal)
int CollisionRadius 
int CollisionHeight 
int reachFlags 

A combination of EReachSpecFlags constants as defined in UnPath.h:

enum EReachSpecFlags
	R_WALK = 1,	//walking required
	R_FLY = 2,   //flying required 
	R_SWIM = 4,  //swimming required
	R_JUMP = 8,   // jumping required
	R_DOOR = 16,
	R_SPECIAL = 32,
	R_LADDER = 64,
	R_FORCED = 256,

Note that these enum names are not accessible from within UnrealScript.

int MaxLandingVelocity 
byte bPruned 
bool bForced 

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