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Player Classes in the RegularEngine allow a mod to give the player a choice on how their pawn is setup within the game itself. This could have various uses. You may just simply want to offer a controlled way of altering appearance (a la Counter-Strike), or different loadouts, or full blown player classes (a la Team Fortress).

RgE's framework is centered around the RegularPawn. The RegularPawn includes a function which manipulates the PlayerSetup the pawn recieves. The PlayerSetup is what is usually loaded by xUtil based on the xplayers file in your System folder. If you open it up, you'll see various player names associated with meshes, skins, etc.

RegularPawn allows this to happen, but changes pertinent vars based on information contained in the PRI held by the PlayerController or the Bot's controller.

So the flow works something like this:

  • Player hits RestartPlayer within the gameinfo.
  • RestartPlayer asks the PRI if the controller has a valid player class.
  • If no, and the player is a a human, it opens a menu to choose a new class.
  • If no, and the player is a a bot, it asks the bot to choose a class. Bots will randomly choose a class on spawn, actually.
  • If yes, it will allow the controller to spawn a a pawn and tell the pawn the player class name from the PRI.
  • The pawn then determines what variables, like mesh or health or default equipment, to use based on the player class and spawns.
  • While in game, the the player can ask to get a new class by re-opening the the menu.
  • The PRI will store the player class selection within a config variable, allowing this choice to stay between levels.

And that's pretty much it.

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