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UT2003 :: Actor >> Inventory >> Weapon >> RocketLauncher (Package: XWeapons)

The RocketLauncher weapon.


Magic Numbers[edit]

NUM_BARRELS = 3 (const) 
BARREL_ROTATION_RATE = 2.95 (const) 


float SeekCheckFreq 
float SeekRange 
float LockRequiredTime 
float UnLockRequiredTime 
float LockAim 
Color CrosshairColor 
float CrosshairX 
float CrosshairY 


float BarrelRotation 
float FinalRotation 
bool bRotateBarrel 
Pawn SeekTarget 
float LockTime 
float UnLockTime
float SeekCheckTime 
bool bLockedOn 
bool bBreakLock 
bool bTightSpread 


Tick( float dt ) 
bool CanLockOnTo( Actor Other ) 
Projectile SpawnProjectile( vector Start, rotator Dir ) 
PlayIdle() (simulated) 
Calls LoopAnim( IdleAnim, IdleAnimRate, 0.25 ).
PlayFiring( bool plunge ) (simulated) 
If plunge, calls GotoState('AnimateLoad', 'Begin').
PlayLoad( bool full ) (simulated) 
If full, calls GotoState('AnimateLoad', 'Begin').
AnimEnd( int Channel ) (simulated) 
RotateBarrel() (simulated) 
UpdateBarrel( float dt ) (simulated) 
Plunge() (simualted) 
Calls PlayAnim('load', 0.8, 0.0, 1) and PlayAnim('load', 0.8, 0.0, 2).
bool StartFire( int Mode ) (simulated) 
SetTightSpread( bool bNew, optional bool bForce ) (simulated) 
Sets bTightSpread = false.
Sets bTightSpread = true.
BringUp( optional Weapon PrevWeapon ) (simulated) 

AI Interface[edit]

float SuggestAttackStyle() 
float GetAIRating() 
Tell bot how valuable this weapon would be to use, based on the bot's combat situation also suggest whether to use regular or alternate fire mode.
byte BestMode() 
Choose between regular or alt-fire.


RenderOverlays( Canvas Canvas ) (simulated) 
ClientStartFire( int Mode ) (simulated) 


AnimateLoad (simulated)[edit]


Tick( float dt ) (simulated) 
If bRotateBarrel, calls UpdateBarrel(dt).
    PlayOwnedSound(Sound'WeaponSounds.RocketLauncher.RocketLauncherLoad', SLOT_None,,,,,false);
    ClientPlayForceFeedback( "RocketLauncherLoad" );  // jdf
    PlayOwnedSound(Sound'WeaponSounds.RocketLauncher.RocketLauncherPlunger', SLOT_None,,,,,false);
    ClientPlayForceFeedback( "RocketLauncherPlunger" );  // jdf

Custom RocketLauncher Code[edit]

Important: Through a bad implementation of the Rocket Launcher and Bots it doesn't matter what ProjectileType you have set in your modified Projectiles. The bots will always spawn a regular RocketProjectile or SeekingRocketProjectile!

This is the code for that:

class myRocketLauncher extends RocketLauncher config(user);
function Projectile SpawnProjectile(Vector Start, Rotator Dir)
local RocketProj Rocket;
local SeekingRocketProj SeekingRocket;
local bot B;
bBreakLock = true;
// decide if bot should be locked on
B = Bot(Instigator.Controller);
if ( (B != None) && (B.Skill > 2 + 5 * FRand()) && (FRand() < 0.6)
&& (B.Target == B.Enemy) && (VSize(B.Enemy.Location - B.Pawn.Location) > 2000 + 2000 * FRand())
&& (Level.TimeSeconds - B.LastSeenTime < 0.4) && (Level.TimeSeconds - B.AcquireTime > 1.5) )
bLockedOn = true;
SeekTarget = B.Enemy;
if (bLockedOn && SeekTarget != None)
SeekingRocket = Spawn(class'SeekingRocketProj',,, Start, Dir);
SeekingRocket.Seeking = SeekTarget;
if ( B != None )
bLockedOn = false;
SeekTarget = None;
return SeekingRocket;
Rocket = Spawn(class'MyRocketProj',,, Start, Dir); // !! MODIFIED CODE
return Rocket;

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