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What Is A Rotating Skybox?[edit]

A rotating skybox is when your skybox rotates around your level instead of just being in one place. A good example of this in action would be CTF-Face.

How Do I Make One?[edit]

A rotating skybox can be made just as easily as a normal skybox. Some people think it is too hard but not really.

  1. Subtract/hollow your skybox room, any shape you want.
  2. Place decorations in it if you want. (Boulders, Ships, Moons)
  3. Place your SkyZoneInfo right in the middle of it all.
  4. Now the rotation part... You must set these values in your SkyZoneInfo
  • Advanced -> bStatic = False
  • Movement -> bFixedRotationDir = True
  • Movement -> DesiredRotation =
    • Pitch = #
    • Roll = #
    • Yaw = #
  • Movement -> Physics = PHYS_Rotating
  • Movement -> Rotation Rate:
    • Pitch = #
    • Roll = #
    • Yaw = #

Keep the following in mind when entering values for Pitch, Yaw, and Roll:

Pitch = forward and backward rotation (pivot around the X axis)
Roll = banking rotation (pivot around the Z axis)
Yaw = left and right rotation (pivot around the Y axis)
Entering negative numbers should reverse the direction of the rotation.

Now when that is done rebuild and it should be just fine. See not so hard. What you really are doing here is making the actor rotate and not any textures or anything.

Now that you know how to rotate objects you can even rotate your decorations to make even better effects out of your skybox.


Tarquin: what about RockingSkyZoneInfo?

Omarr: so that's how i make those rotating boulders... (this skybox'll give you motion sickness) heh heh...