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Legacy:Running A Dedicated Server With UCC

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You can launch a dedicated game server with ucc, the command line application. This avoids the need to launch the game and load the graphical interface. It's particularly handy if you're simulating netplay on your machine to test replication: launch a server with this method, then when it is ready, launch the game and connect to it.


Run with map's default gametype and without mutators:

UCC Server map

Run with special gametype and some mutators:

UCC Server map?game=package.gametype?mutator=package.mutator1,package.mutator2

If no map, mutator, or game values are given on the command line, like this:

UCC Server

then the value of the LocalMap= line from the [URL] section of the UnrealTournament.ini is used for those values. This allows the default game type, map, and mutators to be specified in the server's .ini file, rather than in a script that calls the server. If any of these three parameters are present, the LocalMap value will not be used. However, other parameters that are not part of the map URL can still be specified on the command line.

In general:

UCC Server map?parameter1=value1?parameter2=value2a,value2b?parameter3=value3

On Windows, you can create an action for UT maps like this:

Base Directory\System\UCC.exe server %1


Map URL[edit]

Specifies the map to run. Just the bare name is needed: not "/maps" or the file extension.
Used to specify the gametype. Possible values are a GameInfo (UT) class with its package, e.g. game=Botpack.TeamGamePlus or game=Jailbreak.Jailbreak. If not specified the map's default gametype is used.
Specifies a list of mutators to use. Possible values are Mutator classes with their packages where the Package.Mutator pairs are seperated by commas, e.g. mutator=Botpack.InstaGibDM,Botpack.Stealth
web admin name
web admin password

Other parameters[edit]

The following parameters aren't part of the map URL and thus have to be separated from the rest of the command line (and each other) by at least one space.

Writes the server's log into a file with the given name (in the System directory).
Uses the given .ini file instead of UnrealTournament.ini.
Uses the given .ini file instead of User.ini. Usualy this parameter is not needed unless you run a server for a total conversion mod.
let the game only bind on that ip, only use this when you have multiple external ip addresses
Linux only, this will tell the server to use the config files from the installation directory rather than the the homedir of the user running this process.
let you set timelimit for map.

Installing BonusPacks for a UT2003 Server[edit]

When setting up a UT2003 server (particuarly installing bonus packs) there are some things to remember:

  • You should update the manifest.ini file of your server to reflect the new files that have been copied
  • You should update the UT2003.ini file (or your server ini file) to reflect the changes made to the ini file as described in the manifest.ini file shipped with the bonus pack. These are indicated within the file using the AddIni=... and Ini=... lines within the file. Don't forget to add any [..] groups as well.
  • When unzipping the server only bonus pack contents into your server directory you should NOT overwrite any DLL's or EXE files. This will cause VERIFY errors to occur.

Related documents[edit]

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Theoretical Option Parameters to UT2003[edit]

Password, AdminName
SaveGame, GameSpeed, AccessControl, AdminName, AdminPassword, Mutator, GamePassword, GameStats, SpectatorOnly, Class, Character
Translocator, bAutoNumBots, AutoAdjust, PlayersMustBeReady, DMTeam, WeaponStay, QuickStart
RedTeamAI, BlueTeamAI, RedTeam, BlueTeam, RedTeamSymbol, BlueTeamSymbol, FF, BalanceTeams
Game, Mutator

Things that need answering[edit]

  • how do you set the minimum number of players (ie bot fillers)?
  • how do you enable the Unreal console window?

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