My program doesn't have bugs. It just develops random features.


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Ranty/Chatty stuff[edit]

Developer Journal : Diary thing of my progress with UnrealScript.


The Trampoline Actor[edit]

Trampoline : A Kicker style actor that will bounce you proportionally higher depending on the speed you hit at, so the faster you hit it, the higher you bounce. :)

Any Projectile Spawner[edit]

AnyProjectileSpawner : Naff name. A few tweaks of the MortarSpawner actor to allow any projectile to be spawned.


Kicker Base : A UT version of the JumpPads seen in UT2003 on maps like DM-Plunger. I've yet to upload the working version and the code is out of date, more images and a download link will follow soon.